2018: 63 Children of the Dawn beneficiaries are Tertiary Students!

Meeting with tertiary students based in Gauteng

When Children of the Dawn started operating 16 years ago, our support was directed at young children. As years passed, we embraced the concept of “growing with the child” in a conscious effort to take our beneficiaries all the way to independent and productive adulthood. In the past 4/5 years, we have supported many of our once-small children transit towards tertiary education. That’s the beauty of our programme: seeing our young beneficiaries grow up!

On the 21st of April, we met up with 11 of our Gauteng-based tertiary students, as well as three former beneficiaries who are now employed.

The aim of the workshop was to strengthen our students’ network, so that they can give each other moral and practical support where necessary. We also discussed employability, how to write a good CV and what to except in an interview. We also talked about social media etiquette as we know how one’s social media footprint can affect how future employers view a candidate.

We also handed two laptops to Zweli from Ermelo and Wandile from Mangweni, who really needed them.

We currently have 63 tertiary students, all orphaned or vulnerable youth hailing from 8 rural areas, who have grown up within our ranks. We believe that this number is a testimony of the pertinence of our care model.