Children of the Dawn started its activities in Ermelo in May 2007 and now sponsors 75 children there.

  • 75 children sponsored through Children of the Dawn Ermelo
    • Aged from 8 to 19
    • 41 boys, 34 girls
    • 70 children orphaned, probably through AIDS, or living with an HIV-positive parent, 5 vulnerable children
    • 4 children moved to the Sunrise Children group
  • Schooling: from Grade 1 to Grade 12
  • 1 aftercare centre: Thuthukani Campus centre, which children attend daily
  • 7 dedicated caregivers
  • Nutrition programme: food parcels, feeding scheme at aftercare centres, fortified mealie meal taken at the aftercare centres for health boosting through vitamins and nutrients
  • Life skills education, homework support and extra-mural activities
  • Health, psychological, and emotional support activities
  • Background work to obtain social grants.