July 2014: Street Soccer Tournament

Time to stretch-up before the big game for the Lenyenye team and its caregiver!

Time to stretch-up before the big game for the Lenyenye team and its caregiver!

Our Mathabatha, Lenyenye, Ermelo, Bushbuckridge and Mangweni areas are part of our Street Soccer programme. We have proud to have run a successful 4th season. All 5 areas received a 2-day coaching clinic during the period, and a vast number of children trained regularly towards the inter-community tournament which took place from 16th to 18th July 2014 in Mathabatha, Limpopo province. The tournament hosted 96 direct and indirect Children of the Dawn beneficiaries from the 5 different areas.

The tournament, played in mixed-gender teams, was divided into a junior (10-14 years old) and senior league (15-20 years old).

As all competitions go, winners of the tournament were announced on Thursday 17th with Mangweni taking the junior league cup and our Mathabatha opposition team taking the senior league trophy.

The 3-day activities not only involved physical displays of athleticism but also moral and educational activities through oral presentations on World Cup countries, and focus group discussions on teenage pregnancy, a pressing social issue amongst Children of the Dawn beneficiaries.

The tournament and its players displayed all the values highlighted by our educational, moral and vocational guidance programme My Future, My Responsibility. Participants demonstrated competitiveness, fair play, respect and also, gender respect, adherence to rules, positive conflict resolutions and physical and mental fitness.

We would like to thank the Momentum Fund for the support they have shown and for giving back to these children a childhood that they can remember!