March 2015: Frontball – for a new generation

Kids watching frontball

Kids watching frontball

We were happy to introduce the 2nd Frontball project to our Ermelo programme on the 24th March 2015. With the excitement shown from our Qwaqwa beneficiaries, who displayed a high level of interest and curiosity during the launch of the first Frontball Club on the African continent in July 2014, it was only fitting to extend the Frontball game to another care centre.

New to African soil, Frontball is quickly becoming a recognised sport, with hopes to evoke as much interest in South Africa as it currently has in Europe and the American continent. Frontball is played with a hard ball hit against the wall by hand.

With the guidance of avid British player Kathleen Briedenhann and the Frontball Development team, our Ermelo care centre experienced 2 fun days of induction and training. As the first day progressed, the kids began to grasp the concept of the sport, displaying skill and agility. On the second day, we hosted a mini tournament with medals and trophies.

The Frontball team later moved on to visit Qwaqwa, where they were delighted to find that the initial group of players had doubled from initial participation to 60 players. The children’s progress was impressive considering they had only been training for 8 months. As players reunited with the Frontball team, the morning was used for training which later turned to a tournament. Two gifted players came out victorious from the junior and senior leagues. Prizes which included medals, certificates, T-shirts and shirts were handed out to both players and coaches.

Great hopes are intended for the Frontball training camps, with a regional tournament between Ermelo and Qwaqwa in the pipeline. In order to maintain the longevity of the sport, coaches who reside within each area have been trained and will continue on a weekly basis. Through Frontball, our beneficiaries can shine in a new way; learn discipline and skills, while staying away from the streets. Vive le Frontball!