May 2015: Can I climb a Mountain? – Mount Kenya

Phomello at the top of Cathedral Peak

Phomello at the top of Cathedral Peak

Can I Climb a Mountain? is an innovative and exciting activity of our teenager-focused programme My Future, My Responsibility.

Can I Climb a Mountain? uses the sport of hiking as a tool of experiential learning and self-development targeting teenagers from the 8 areas we work in across South Africa.

The first phase of Can I Climb a Mountain? activity took place in 2012/2013, with 36 hikes organised throughout the country and culminated in a 8-day trek around the Mount Blanc for 8 teens.

Mount Kenya is the next height to be conquered under the next phase of Can I Climb a Mountain? Invited by the Lycée Jules Verne of Johannesburg, 4 Children of the Dawn teenagers have been selected to summit Mount Kenya in January 2016. Mount Kenya is the second highest mountain in Africa towering at a whopping height of 5199m.

The 1st training session took place at Cathedral Peak in the Drakensberg during the weekend of the 23rd May 2015. The 4 teens selected; Johannes (16) from Lenyenye: Limpopo Province, Phomello (16) from Qwaqwa: Free State Province, Cebile (17) from Mpumaze: KwaZulu-Natal Province and Sphesihle (16) from Ermelo: Mpumalanga Province trekked the majestic mountain.

Two other training sessions will take place in September and December 2015 in the Drakensberg.

Explore, Dream and Discover, this is the hope that we have for each of the Mount Kenya climbers. We hope a new light will shine in them, to make them realise that it’s not the mountain they have to conquer, but themselves.

If you too believe that hiking and reaching new physical heights can change the life trajectory of a young person, please do not hesitate to donate to our project. Ref: Target 5000 – Mount Kenya.