May 2015: MiniChess or the love for Maths

Minichess or love for Maths!

MiniChess or the love for Maths!

In April 2015, the Global Information Technology Report of the World Economic Forum (WEF) confirmed that South Africa comes last in the quality of mathematics and science education amongst evaluated countries.

With Children of the Dawn beneficiaries attending some of the least resourced schools in the country and having little or no support at home, no wonder the vast majority of our kids performed really badly in mathematics!

As a response to this depressing situation, Children of the Dawn started a MiniChess pilot-programme in February 2014 in our Ermelo community. Under the supervision of an accredited Minichess Teacher, we dispensed the Minichess programme to over 50 Grade R to 7 learners in 2014, for whom school results were monitored. Our study concluded that 50 learners participating in the MiniChess educational programme from Grades R-3 and 4-7 progressed with tangible results and improvements in 2014 versus 2013, and therefore the MiniChess programme is having a highly desirable impact on the participants. For example, the pupils participating inĀ MiniChess and attending Grade R to 3 achieved an average of 56% in Overall average evaluation and 54% in Mathematics in 2014, compared to 2013 results, when Overall average was 31% and Mathematics was 35%.

In 2015, we are further developing our pilot-programme in Ermelo and we have noticed further improvement in the understanding and confidence of our primary school pupils. Funding permitting, we are planning to roll-out the MiniChess programme to other Children of the Dawn areas. Contact us if you believe each South African child deserves quality education!