September 2015: Morongoa, our first graduate!

In September 2002, soon after its creation, Children of the Dawn welcomed Morongoa (E0209), a young girl aged 9, as one of its 10 first beneficiaries. Morongoa integrated the program as a single orphan, having no knowledge of her father’s identity and having lost her mother, two years before, due to the HIV.

Upon her entry into the programme, Morongoa already showed great potential. Her teachers highlighted her positive involvement at school and her great marks despite a poor health. At the time, she expressed her desire to become a nurse “to look after sick mothers”. Later on, she decided on another career path and today she is the first Child of the Dawn to have graduated.

Indeed, on September 4th 2015, Morongoa graduated with a National Vocational Certificate in Office Administration from the Waterberg FET College in Mokopane. Though this diploma, Morongoa proves that, with motivation and hard-work, it is possible to forget a new life trajectory, away from the reality that a harsh social background was preparing for you.

Thanks to Children of the Dawn’s long-term work, and our donors’ support, we are proving that it is possible to open new doors. Links created between children and sponsors are very important. If Morongoa, in her first letters, expressed her chance of having Melanie as sponsor, allowing her to receive food and uniform items as well as her school fees paid, she also demonstrated in many letters her gratefulness at having an individual sponsor always there for her, encouraging her and showing her the right way.

Today we are extremely proud of her and we would like to show you the woman she became. Your involvement and your generosity offer the opportunity to our children to flourish and changing their future. Join us, become a sponsor!