October 2020

Knight of the French National Order of Merit

It is with much joy and pride that we inform you that on the 26th October, our founder, Magali Malherbe, was bestowed the distinction of Knight of the French National Order of Merit.

Malherbe, a dedicated development specialist who was born and raised in France, spent over 20 years in South Africa making an incredible difference to the lives of young, vulnerable children.

In 2002, at the age of 24, after working in rural areas, and seeing first-hand the detrimental impact the HIV epidemic had on so many children, Malherbe, together with a retired South African nurse, founded Children of the Dawn. This organisation was set up to support and strengthen rural community initiatives which focuses on caring for HIV/AIDS orphans and vulnerable children.

PowerGirls Programme Moving Boundaries Through the Lockdown

PowerGirls restarted after the government relaxed the Covid-19 restrictions. The four sites hit the ground running, and we have seen amazing progression in terms of the girls we work with. The programme has afforded multiple girls an opportunity to grow, and gains valuable experience as young women, and develop strong, respectful girls that have a purpose and identity.

New PowerGirls Centre

2020 might have been a challenging year, but we managed to extent our PowerGirls programme from four to five areas. QwaQwa is the latest area to be part of the PowerGirls programme. We are so excited to have QwaQwa added to the programme, we are confident that the programme will add much needed boost and value to the lives of the young girls in and around QwaQwa. The PowerGirls coordinator and team have already been identified, they will be trained in January 2020.