May 2020: Children of the Dawn in the Time of Lockdown

Delivering a sizeable food parcel to beneficiaries and their families to survive the lockdown

We are living in unprecedented times, and each day brings new developments as the COVID-19 situation is evolving around the world.

South Africa has been in lockdown since the 27th of March and the closing of the economy is affecting the most vulnerable within our very unequal society.

Whilst all Children of the Dawn’s community care centres closed on the 27th of March 2020, being available to assist our children remains our priority. Leading up to the lockdown, our ground teams partook in exercises educating our children, their families, and the communities at large about the COVID-19 and methods to assist in flattening the curve.

Since, we have embarked on a major food relief drive, organising and delivering some 850 food and hygiene parcels during the month of April. Our ground teams are keeping in close contact with all our beneficiaries through phone and home visits, making sure they are safe. We are also trying to make a plan to allow our tertiary students to have access to their classes online. On the sport front, we are proud that our rope skippers are training at home in all our 8 areas and reporting on the progress of their routine via social media.

We would like to share that all our relief efforts done during the National Lockdown are in accordance and with the guidelines of the lockdown protocol. We are in constant talks with the local authorities and other stakeholders and we will not do any work without their permission and knowledge. We also have put in place strict measures to ensure the safety of our staff who will be working on the ground during this epidemic.

We thank all our donors, sponsors and the corporate partners who are supporting us through these extremely challenging time, showing once more the #powerofcare.