2012: Loving to Read: The Mathona Chauke Challenge

One of the three Mangweni winners of the challenge with the certificate and prize.

The Mpumaze winner with his certificate and prize.

In September 2012, we started another wonderful programme for our teenagers aged 14 and up which also forms part of our My Future, My Responsibility programme. The module was called “Loving to Read” and was dedicated to one of our coordinators who passed away but had a great passion for teaching and hence also entitled “The Mathona Chauke Challenge”. The aim of this challenge was to develop reading, analysis, synthesis and English skills.

All 361 of our teenagers had been given a book to take home and read. The book was a teen novel written in English. They had one month with which to read the book and provide a two-page summary. The two-page summary had to show knowledge and understanding of the book and the beneficiaries had to be able to explain the book to someone who had not read it. The books they were given were “Come on Danny” by Andy Croft, “Respect” by Michalea Morgan” and our Ermelo teenagers who requested a slightly more difficult book were given “Journey to Jo’burg” by Beverly Naidoo.

The best student in each area to show a proper in-depth understanding of the book read received a prize linked to literature in November 2012 and every participant a certificate for attending the competition.