2012: Loving to Read: The Mathona Chauke Challenge

In August 2012, we started another wonderful programme for our teenagers aged 14 and up which also forms part of our My Future My Responsibility programme. The Module is called Loving to Read and is dedicated to one of our coordinators who passed away but had a great passion for teaching and hence also entitled “The Mathona Chauke Challenge”.

Recycled Creations

2012: Recycled Creations

Our Recycled Creations project was an exciting programme that we developed for our children who were younger than 14! The aim of the project was to “Turn Rubbish into Art” and teach about recycling at the same time. Our children were given the task to collect all types of “rubbish” and to bring the “rubbish” to their care centres where they would then transform their “rubbish” into an Animal of their choice.

2011: Extreme Sports Camp

40 of our Bushbuckridge beneficiaries spent the month preparing for our second extreme sports camp as part of Module 4 of My Future, My Responsibility (funded by the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund).

2011: Teenagers’ Convention

30 teens from Qwaqwa, 40 teens from Mpumaze and 27 teens from Ermelo making it a total of 97 teens headed to the Umgeni Valley Nature Reserve for our second teenagers’ convention that took place from the 5th to the 7th of October. This convention is part of Module 2 of My Future, My Responsibility financed by Bouygues Construction’s Foundation Terre Plurielle, Water Solutions Southern Africa, Michelin Tyres South Africa, as well as the Accor Foundation. It is aimed at developing our teens’ presentation and public speaking skills as well as their ability to analyse and synthesise.